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Capturing emotions through images is how we imagine and film a couple’s most important day. Our work features a creative and unique touch, in which beauty and emotion are complementary and remain indelible. Regardless of where and when the wedding takes place, our approach and poetic and sensitive transfer of the events to a movie will not not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone who sees your movie will feel the spirit of your special day. We convey your moments and style to the audience in a way that characterizes itself in the whole world. The emotions of your special day are not only transmitted to those who lived through that day but to anyone who admires them as transformations into endless stories of love. Through captured traces of light, we pay back with memories, feelings and unique wows which will remain in the memory.


A Love Story

A cinematic story told by you and your friends. They tell what brought you together and how you changed on your way to a life together, what love means to you and what you mean to each other – there is no better time than now to tell this out loud to each other and hear the thoughts of your families and friends. A premiere of the movie at your reception – a special moment. Due to privacy reasons, Love Story movies are not publicly available on the Internet.

A Wedding Day Film

A full day film package. We will capture the mood and moments of your special day from morning preparations to the ceremony and the festive evening. All this is included in a 30-60 min cinematic wedding film.


A Trailer

3-5 minute piece that tells the story at the heart of your wedding day.

SDE (wedding day edit)

In most cases, it is a movie that inclues your love story and images of your wedding day preparations and ceremony. It is shown during the party at about 10-11 p.m.

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